1.      All shooting meetings will be overseen by a NRA or equivalently qualified "range officer" who must be an experienced Club member and whose decision will be final on gun and range discipline. A "range officer" may request any attending members to assist in his duties.

2.      The committee may terminate the membership of any members who do not comply with such Bye Laws in accordance with Article 8 of the membership rules.

3.      Members must sign the club register on arrival and pay fees applicable.

4.      Ear and eye protection at the range must be worn during shooting.

5.      Firearms are not to be loaded other than at the firing point and only on the range officer's command.

6.      All firearms must be shown to be clear after firing and before leaving the firing point.

7.      Firearms must be kept covered when not at firing point.

8.      Any firearm malfunction must be cleared at a firing point and must be shown to the Range Officer. At the termination of firing all marksmen should show the firearm is clear prior to vacation of the firing point.

9.      All firearms when out of cover at the range will be kept pointing down range. Pointing of a firearm loaded or unloaded will be regarded at the Range Officer's discretion as a disciplinary matter and the marksmen may be excluded from the range.

10.  Consumption of alcohol or drugs is totally prohibited at a designated range and any member who in the opinion of the "Range Officer" is under the influence of either drugs or alcohol will be required to leave the range. Such conduct may also be referred by the Range Officer to the committee as a disciplinary matter.

11.  At the termination of firing each and every member who does not hold the relevant Firearms Certificate will require to make a "range" declaration and return unfired ammunition.

12.  All those participating in clay pigeon shooting must supply proof of adequate and appropriate insurance and be able to demonstrate tile safe handling of a shotgun.

13.  The right to determine attendance and cartridge fees is reserved to the club committee who shall also take account in the determination of any additional costs borne by the club in supporting clay pigeon activities.

14.  Access to the club clay pigeon ground is restricted to designated clay pigeon shooting sessions. No member shall have right of access to the grounds at any other time except for scheduled work parties.

15.  Club members have no shooting rights the ground other than for designated clay pigeon activities.