The Arbroath Area Full Bore Gun Club (AAFBGC) is a Home Office approved shooting club based in Angus, Scotland.

We have our own 50 yard range near Edzell, access to several MOD ranges and our own clay range.

AAFBGC primarily shoot gallery rife, full-bore, small-bore, black powder rifle & pistol, benchrest, steel target and clay pigeon.

We compete in the North East of Scotland Shooting Competition (NESSC), where we compete with other clubs using Gallery Rifle and Small Bore. We shoot at the MOD ranges at distances of up to 1000 metres.

AAFBGC are a friendly club that welcomes interest from anyone who has a genuine wish to become a member. We promote Firearm and Range Safety and the responsible handling of Firearms.

If you are interested in becoming a member, if you’re new to the sport or an old hand, contact us here to start the ball rolling.

At this time the club have many probationary members in training and as such are not currently inviting applications for membership.

Some of what we do...

Clay shooting at the club's own clay range
Rimfire "benchrest" in the hut
Longer range
Shooting at one of the MOD ranges we have access to
Access for all
At some ranges, we have access for all abilities
We will shoot in any weather! :)
At our private range
.22 LR at short range (25m)
Lots of smoke!
Shooting a black powder revolver
Centerfire "benchrest" in the hut
Lovely day at the range